Trust For Developing Communities visit Encounters

Steve Andrews is a Community Participation Worker for the Trust for Developing Communities. Steve has organised special visits to Encounters outside of our normal opening hours so that the wide variety of different artists’ work could be seen and discussed in a relaxed way.  

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From Bogotá’s Museum of Modern Art to Encounters

Recently Gaudi Este’s body of work was given its own exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in Bogata. Her horses were too big to put in her suitcase! – but one of her sculptures of a dog is here as are two magnificant bronze statuettes. But, most importantly Gaudi is with us and, in […]

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Encounters’ artists share their artistic journeys

One of the great benefits of Encounters is that artists come to visit and they share their experience, artistic journeys and techniques. New for Encounters artists from South Korea came for the Opening Weekend of this year’s AOH and there were many discussions as they mingled with other artists. In the photograph below there is Mr […]

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El cielo luminoso

Encounters 2015 Flyer

Encounters’ 2015 Flyer was designed by Malex Salamanques. There are flyers in lots of places around town but if you would like one please let us know and we will send you the pdf.

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2015 Launch Party

On the 9th April many of the owners of the Houses that will be open in 2015 met for the official launch at the Old market Place in Hove.

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New Venture in Korea begins

Following the successful art exhibition for the International Development Bank in Busan, South Korea, another show is starting. It is the BAMA – the ‘Busan art market affair’ and is especially for collectors and lovers of art, who have a rare chance to see, and buy, amongst other genres, modern Latin American work, including work from Encounters’ […]

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Government Minister

Government Minister Admires Sanchez

One of the great things about the Busan exhibition was that very senior officials came to see works from Latin America. Several Ministers of State stopped in Encounters-on-the-Road and here a Minister is learning about the wonderful work of Edgar Sanchez, who will also be visiting Encounters Artists Open House in May and showing his […]

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Busan Show Ends

The Busan Exhibition has ended and Encounters-on-the-Road will be leaving Korea with warm memories and a much deeper appreciation of the Korean Art Scene. These comments were made by a local journalist! but we are not too sure what they mean !! 2015 미주개발은행 및 미주투자공사 연차총회(이하 ‘IDB-IIC 연차총회’)가 26일 개막했다. 29일까지 부산 벡스코에서 열리는 […]

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Edgar Sanchez

The Life Force of Nature

Although the Busan event has been organised to delight visiting government officials and leading bankers from all parts of the World, many lovers of art also visit. The work of Edgar Sanchez always draws attention. It is easy to become lost in his way of expressing the strength and form of nature in his paintings […]

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Vivid and Joyful Paintings

Ruben Monsalve’s vivid canvases have an immediate appeal. They are full of colour. Exciting with touches of mystery. Many visitors come back several times to enjoy the combination of excitement and peace that Monsalve brings to his art.

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Gaudi Este’s Work Excites the Crowd

Gaudi Este’s extraordinary work was little known in Asia and it has proved to be a crowd-puller. This sculpture of a dog is both ordinary (many of us have dogs as a pet) and absolutely stunning. It evokes unexpected feelings and challenges the senses. Many people have come particularly to see this piece.

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Taking afternoon tea

Tea with the Professors

The Busan exhibition has attached many teachers and students of art. Miladys has shared her experience of Latin American art with many interested people, including these three professors.

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Miladys in Busan

Miladys Parejo’s opening address at Busan

These are some extracts from the opening address by Miladys Parejo at the International Development Bank Annual Conference/Art Exhibition in Busan, Korea on 21st March 2015. Welcome! For Busan’s artistic community, it is pleasure to present, for the first time in one venue, an important and representative sample of Latin American art in an encounter with the work of […]

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