Carlos was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where he lives and works. He has always been interested in arts and crafts and has been dedicated to working as a Jeweller since 2005.

Seven years of non-stop travelling widely in South America enabled him to develop skills in a wide range of techniques from different cultures. Although he is mainly self-taught he has taken courses in West Dean Collage (Sussex) where he had the privilege to learn from renowned teachers. From these diverse experiences, he has created his own artistic vocabulary, which is in permanent evolution and characterised by continuous experimentation.

It is the intrinsic properties of materials, such as shape, colour, transparency or opacity that inspire him to create. He explores which characteristics need to be enhanced or transformed, taking into consideration the ways in which metals, stone and shapes interrelate.

He does not tend to have a predetermined idea of a final composition; the materials themselves dictate his process of making, resulting in a piece that fulfils an intuitive sense of that which the raw materials can become. Especially in metal work he finds himself experimenting with the unlimited possibilities of the patina, oxides and electrolysis, trying to explore the potential of new ideas that extend his range of techniques. Accordingly, Carlos’ work is a constant search to deepen understanding of the potential of materials and to extend his skills of making within the endless possibilities of aesthetic creativity.

One piece has special significance to our 2018 show. It is (im)pact that Carlos’ Artist Statement explains “provides a totem of our inalienable pact. It shows out Earth, naturally green and brown, in harmony. But, should this piece be touched excessively, then the green will wear away and become ike a barren land. (Im)pact is a metaphor of human impact on our Planet and of our violation of the fundamental pact”. A photo of (im)pact is shown above.

Some of Carlos’ most recent pieces are shown below

Encounters is pleased to feature ESQUIRLA’s collection by Carlos Sanchez.

Stone: Mexican Obsidian: Material: Silver 950

Fluorite Bracelet
Stone: Fluorite. Material: Sterling Silver.

Dragonflies and Butterflies
Sterling Silver rolled and textured.