Zsuzsanna Ardó is an Arts Council Award-winning visual artist, curator, writer, and the founder of Creatives without Borders.

Her studies as a visual artist include training at the Royal Drawing School and the Royal Academy of Arts. Her work has been selected for various awards and artist residencies by Arts Council England, Canon Fellowship, Arctic Expedition in the High Arctic, Art Students League NY, and Deutsche Börse at the Frankfurter Kunstverein.

She curates projects as the art director of Creatives without Borders. Venues include Antarctic research stations, an Arctic art museum, NY concerts, a French castle, the British and European Parliaments and various universities and galleries. She continues her work on juries and at artist residencies, and teaches internationally.

Recently she has worked  as artist in residence of the St Henri Foundation in the Pyrenees, and the Centre for Art, Science and Technology by the Seine near Paris.

Work in 2018  includes a solo exhibition in Florence, local research of the Early Renaissance swerve in Giotto’s approach to the body, and creating new work for PlanetBody, her climate-change-through-art series. She is invited to work as artist in residence  in a Lighthouse jutting into the North Sea and in an Elizabethan Hall built on a 12th century manor house in Yorkshire’s glaciated Jurassic and Cretaceous land . Well over two hundred million years to look back on, connect with, touch and feel – how many to look ahead?