Gaudi Este’s Bronze Dogs: On Display and Can be Seen by Appointment

This is the first time that Gaudi’s new bronze dogs have been exhibited in Europe. The are proud, fearless and alert. The dogs push themselves forward – they are eager and ready. Their form is solid: their paws are large and formidable. These are not dogs that have been downtrodden or treated with contempt. Rather they have a boldness that comes with confidence. They may be ‘on guard’.

These bronze dogs are the product of Gaudi’s ongoing exploration of the interrelated systems of energy in the human and dog worlds, with the dog being able to be pure dog, whilst we struggle to find ourselves. Perhaps that is why the dog is so admired. In his simplicity lies many of the virtues that we seek.

You can see these dogs by appointment. Contact us by email to find a mutually convenient time.