Miladys Parejo’s opening address at Busan

These are some extracts from the opening address by Miladys Parejo at the International Development Bank Annual Conference/Art Exhibition in Busan, Korea on 21st March 2015.


For Busan’s artistic community, it is pleasure to present, for the first time in one venue, an important and representative sample of Latin American art in an encounter with the work of prestigious Korean artists.

There is a common language in the works presented here: you can see it expressed in colours, forms, shapes, textures and in the diversity of the materials that are used. Without doubt, when different artistic traditions encounter each other there occurs a magical dialogue that overcomes any verbal or language barrier.

The diversity and the nature of the work to be shown in this important event led us to present this exhibition using a specialised curatorial approach. We do not display the distinctive and different driving forces of the various artistic movements that the different artists represent. Instead we highlight the great diversity and prolific activity of our Latin American artists as they encounter the Korean palette and complete mastery of many media that is the hallmark of the Korean tradition.

This venue shows total of 200 pieces of art from 15 different countries.

The curatorial approach that we adopted emphasises the superb quality and substantial impact of the many masters whose work is displayed in this room. One can see their influence on the development of art during 20th and 21st centuries in Korea and on the Latin American Continent. Of course, there cannot be a master without apprentices and so, in consequence, we are showing a number of young artists who, in one way or another, are following their masters’ footsteps then, as they mature, they break away to find their own true paths.

It is a privilege to bring so many fine pieces of work from my vibrant and blessed land. There is much energy in South America right now and the art shown here reflects the pain and promise of countries on a path to progress. I hope that you enjoy and are enriched by our exhibition.