Annemette Beck is the founder of Beck & Kinch Textiles, a company that was that was launched in 1979. Today Beck & Kinch is internationally acknowledged for its unique and hand-woven textile productions. Working on an architectural scale, Beck & Kinch specialise in bespoke works for leading international fashion houses and architects as well as hotels and retailers.

The designs of Beck & Kinch are unique and handcrafted in the latin quarter of Aarhus city centre. In her studio, Annemettte Beck has a highly skilled team of weavers as well as an architect to support the unique and exclusive design work. In an area of tension between art, fashion, textiles and architecture, Beck & Kinch continuously challenge the very concept of what to expect of handwoven textiles. Using unexpected combinations of materials Annemette Beck always takes as her point of departure a vision that the very idea of textiles has no limits!

She works from the basic principles of weaving and experiments with new combinations of structures and materials. Her works cover designs for rugs, runners, room dividers, blinds, panels, wall hangings and upholstery fabrics. Materials are paper, yarn, rubber, metal threads as silver, copper, brass or stainless steel – lurex – crystals – coated polyester – recycled bicycle tubes – plant fibres – wool – linen and more.

She says: “The philosophy behind my work is to simplify the design – to remove what is unnecessary so what only is essential remains – to make a clean, clear and sharp design by the way of carefully controlled fantasy”

Recent work has taken a creative new approach to textile design by utilizing an extremely inventive array of recycled materials. Her line of woven products include rugs, upholstery, fabrics, runners, blinds and even room dividers made from materials such as rubber, paper and metal. Beck’s experimental textiles showcase materials that can be salvaged and re-used. We are especially fond of the woven recycled bicycle tire area rug shown in May 2017 in Encounters.