Gisseline was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied architecture for two years, and made some works of art, design and decoration, including jewelry design. She describes her work: “I can express myself as an artist through lines, curves and geometric shapes. I get inspired when I experiment with light, shadows and reflections that produce geometric shapes interacting with materials. I am inspired by the creation of subtle effects that trick the eye and make the observer think that there are curved surfaces where there are flat elements or that there are inclined elements where there are straight elements or shadows and reflections that change depending on the position from which you observe. I also use virtual motion and optical vibrations. The brain and the eye always go together, but I believe the heart has big significance as well. My main focus is on dynamic artistic pieces, which when viewed from different angles, can help you discover several pieces within one piece”. Her pieces are a combination of constructivist, geometric, neo-kinetic and optical art, framed within contemporary art.