“About my Work I am Murari Jha. I have been doing my art practice in Delhi since 2010. I have completed my bachelor degree in 2010 from Patna University. After BFA I shifted to Delhi for getting higher education. I have done Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 2012. My work is inspired with personal and political narrative, everyday experience of the social politics, politics of my body and space. Recently My process usually involves research across various fields, probing and exploring existing bodies of knowledge related to my fields of interest. I have the ability to translate the research into my practice. I investigate the identity in different layers. I celebrate the labour body, sexuality, body of mine in public and private space, tasting my limits and also my work stands as a dialogue or response of the architectural space. My works develop around multiple works that simultaneously incorporate a variety of medium like painting, performance, site specific, installation and video that I am deeply involved to bring them into my practice and producing a body of work. I use found objects (debris and abandoned items). The visual aspect is very important in my work. I am very much interested in performative possibilities.

Here are some opinions on my work:

Murari has performed in various places and adapts very well to the challenge of the immediate situation. In Bangladesh for example the constraints that he experienced due to the culture that was unfavorable and disapproving of nudity, he realigned himself and modified his performance to make it acceptable to the local norms but without compromising on the content. His performances are bold and disquieting and some can be classified as endurance art. In works like Unity/ illusion, understanding Kabir, Tolerance/ intolerance he puts himself in peril. While others are theatrical or have a narrative, in both forms he is at ease. Tushar Jog 

The most prominent installations in this show are those of Murai Jha, using Art Povera and Fluxus as a trigger he collects urban debris, an abandoned metal grill, cage, bricks, wooden tree stump and poles etc. Jha celebrated labor and his own body. Recently he performed at 1 Shanthi road exploring the multiple spaces of the studio. He moved around the edgy corners and terrace of 1Shanthiroad in the nude, interacting with found objects and spaces. The audience followed him like a Piped Piper as he surprised them in every corner. 

Suresh Jayaram