Paul Smith was born Walton-on-Thames in Surrey in 1950 and he was educated at Whitelands College London. It was in the year 1970 that he began painting seriously. He writes: “Each of my paintings is a result of experimentation. Sometimes I begin with a basic form, sometimes with a gesture in paint. I begin to add other materials such as paper or card as the work evolves. Sometimes I print forms on to the surface too. Each mark with paint or crayon or pencil or each piece of paper added creates a new challenge in terms of its effect on the whole. The painting evolves as a series of aesthetic problem-solving situations until I find a way to achieve a resolution”.

Paul has exhibited in London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincoln and Cambridge. His work is in public and private collections in London, Cambridge and Lincoln UK.

All work is on canvas 49 x 69 inches. Mixed media, acrylic, paper, card, crayon, pencil and ink.

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