I hope that Encounters’ 2017 Edition will delight your senses and challenge your imagination; just as I challenged myself to bring into this year’s show an apparent dichotomy: technology and nature.

I imagined a large and overflowing river where streams converge and diverge. After a period of turbulence, the river rediscovers its course. This image guided my artistic journey to represent varied flows of knowledge and art forms in Encounters’ 2017 Edition.

In the technological arena, I used four lenses to envision the stream of Urban Sights; resulting in a show that contains a kaleidoscope of movement, rhythm and layered images. For instance, Bea Eggli’s photographic work captures haunting overlapping echoes of cities. A juxtaposition of architectural plans by Garcia-Garcia illustrates an everlasting dialogue between light and colour. The synthetic digital landscapes of Cemborain contrast dramatically with Jimenez’s urban landscape approach that is replete with personal perception and intimate feeling, as shown in his studies entitled The Avila is Blue.

At the same time, visitors will be surprised that Encounters’ parallel stream pays tribute to Nature and its enduring organic truthfulness. The power of this insight is seen with just a glance at Lise Moller whorled, twisted, tied and packed seaweed sculptures, as she rescues the importance of the forgotten “Cochayuyos” from her motherland, Chile.

Carlos Sanchez, faces the reality of human careless hands and pays tribute to the environment with his latest jewellery work, Im-pact.Annemette Beck finds endless beauty in nature’s bounty and glories in recycling, including using bicycle tubes for her art works. Victoria Gómez’s paper installations reflect her deep insight into shapes found in natural environments. Reveron’s work lies deep, like an architecture, as a strategy of ideological appropriation of space, conceived as models of creation and destruction. Marion Brandis has brought her sculptural seagulls as replicas of the many real creatures in Brighton by the sea. Dan Conway paints from an intensive desire to find another level of truth in his subjects.

Artistically technological hands, such as have made Sanchez and Francis’ soundscape video, enhance the show with a work entitled The River and the Fan. In a different way, Parejo’s installation, Emptiness, uses a utilitarian artefact and the river image to explores a dichotomy between the current economic, political narrative vs. social realities.

It is not obvious that the parallel worlds glimpsed in our 2017 edition have profound overlaps and convergence. Yet underneath lies a profound dialogue in an artistic journey, expressed in a symbiosis of timeless human nature and technical representation. Like the river that found again its true course after overflowing.

by Miladys Parejo: Encounters Art Space.

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Once again Encounters will be an unmissable destination in the West Hove trail. Twelve local and international artists will create an unexpected and curated show called "Urban Sights' alongside a tribute to Nature that invites us to be engaged and playful. The four weekends will be packed with interesting activities such as Artists' Talks and a book presentation.

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Beautiful experience. We finally had the opportunity to indulge and enjoy
- Kay, Brighton

"Such a lovely home filled with inspiring creations - thank you!"

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"This is an amazing exhibition which opens my mind to all sorts of strange and wonderful thoughts."

Maxie T.

"Once again you have excelled, well done"

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"Amazing to see all three different worlds the artists have created."


"Beautifully curated work, fantastic introduction to South American artists."


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"We just walked past as we're staying opposite in the B+B and couldn't believe what an amazing exhibition this is! "

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