Encounters’ 2018 Edition

In May 2018, Encounters will show five aspects of Living Landscapes. These will explore, through different media, the increasingly important and sensitive topic of Environmental Risks. As humanity’s power grows to reshape the natural world, we all need to become deeply concerned, and well enough informed, to care and to act from an emotional commitment. For this reason, Encounters seeks to raise awareness and encourage proactivity that can mitigate environmental risks. We cannot be an outsider to our Planet.

In Encounters Art Space, we have a duty to indulge your senses and to challenge your imagination with our artistic endeavours. Also, we have a duty to share our feelings, expressed through a variety of artistic forms, as we are moved by events in the wider ecosystem.

This year, we are proud to present a show that has been enriched by the work of distinguished international and local artists. All of whom have responded to their own deep emotions and have found ways consistent with their own artistic natures to express their relationship with today’s living and dying landscapes. Their work provides this year’s show with a double quality: sensitivity and creativity.

Encounters’ show this year will be an artistic journey with a purpose. You will begin by being disconcerted by Rafael Barrios’ sculpture as his shapes seem to challenge the laws of geometry and alter the observers’ modes of perception: questioning our beliefs about what is possible. The abstract paintings by Flor Troconis of Latin-American shantytowns or elevated favelas show a hidden orderliness and unexpectedly intricate patterns. Flor says that: “mundane yet enormously interesting compositions are subjects for creativity”. Once you have indulged your senses with the work of Barrios and Troconis you will leave their room with a perception that new possibilities in volume and space exist. The readiness of your senses and imagination to perceive differently will be your companion as you explore the promise of other artistic encounters.

You will continue your journey to visit Recycling Landscape by Fernando Adam, whose work is grounded by his meditative feelings on environment, time and space.


As a designer and craftsman, Fernando creates works that are a dialogue between natural and found materials and pictorial mastery. His ‘houses’ are unfinished objects floating into an ever-changing landscape. Undoubtedly, he recycles time and landscape.

The third line of Encounters’ narrative is Environmental Caring and Concern. Linda Lieberman’s work explicitly projects her profound environmental conscience. Her work is driven by the whispering voices of morality observing the deconstruction of the natural ecosystem. While Luke Macgregor’s lens finds ways to illustrate an uncertain future that is looming for all of us, as global warming and rising sea levels mean that we will need to repurpose our possessions, dispose of our throw-away mentality and look backwards to look forwards.

The installation by Zsuzsanna Ardó and Miladys Parejo draws attention to inherent voids between manifesting a sane connection with the natural world and the prevailing cultural meme that sees the environment as, merely, an external landscape. Ardó questions herself, asking: “What are the dynamics between the (perceived) centrality of the self and the (perceived) peripheries of the planet…” Parejo seeks to deconstruct natural human responsibility and an alienated carelessness. The shared journey of these artists is realised by the installation ‘in the same boat, up-side-down’.

Your final encounter concerns the Transformation of Landscape. Noemí Márquez works are in continuous dialogue with the natural elements; she is irrevocably connected with the Earth, uses fire to transform her clay into statements of connection with the past, seemingly on a quest that is encoding eternity so that her works become permanent and sympathetic finger-prints on our World, as an ancestral reminiscence from the past to the present.

by Miladys Parejo: Encounters Art Space


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Once again Encounters will be an unmissable destination in the West Hove trail. Local and international artists participate in an unexpected and curated show. The four weekends will be packed with interesting activities.

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Beautiful experience. We finally had the opportunity to indulge and enjoy
- Kay, Brighton

"Such a lovely home filled with inspiring creations - thank you!"

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"This is an amazing exhibition which opens my mind to all sorts of strange and wonderful thoughts."

Maxie T.

"Once again you have excelled, well done"

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"Amazing to see all three different worlds the artists have created."


"Beautifully curated work, fantastic introduction to South American artists."


"Wow! Best, most interesting open house we've visited. Thank you. "

Claire and Sam

"We just walked past as we're staying opposite in the B+B and couldn't believe what an amazing exhibition this is! "

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