Taking afternoon tea

Tea with the Professors

The Busan exhibition has attached many teachers and students of art. Miladys has shared her experience of Latin American art with many interested people, including these three professors.

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Miladys in Busan

Miladys Parejo’s opening address at Busan

These are some extracts from the opening address by Miladys Parejo at the International Development Bank Annual Conference/Art Exhibition in Busan, Korea on 21st March 2015. Welcome! For Busan’s artistic community, it is pleasure to present, for the first time in one venue, an important and representative sample of Latin American art in an encounter with the work of […]

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Gaudi Este

Encounters on the road

Encounters has been successful in exhibiting many outstanding works of fine art and demonstrating imaginative curatorial strengths. This has enabled Encounters to reshape the relationship between artists, makers, curators, galleries and dealers.

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Developing Communities

For the first time this coming May Encounters will host a visit by group of older people who will have all the help that they will need to enjoy the Encounters experience outside of normal opening hours. The visit will be arranged by Steve Andrews, an Outreach Worker for the Trust For Developing Communities. The Trust For Developing […]

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