Grazia Zattarin

ARTISTS / 2019 / 2020

Grazia Zattarin lives and works in Torino, Italy. The work ‘Taken Place’ exposes the shape of the real as demons of war juxtapose with compassionate angels in a battlefield that is within each one of us. It captures a moment when perception is modified by another way of seeing.

She writes: “Through painting we exercise observation, but cannot take for granted that we see. Seeing is a gift. In TAKEN PLACE, as the title suggests, seeing is what our times open up to our sight which, from within, reveals the shape of the real that is no longer apparent. The demons of war possess the soldier, guide his/her action, tear his/her heart. Legions of warrior Angels arrive, bringing care, elevation, compassion. But the battlefield is, primarily, within the soldier, within each one of us. The pictorial dynamism here does not only seek to emphasize an action at the moment of its manifestation but rather to suggest a state where physical matter becomes unstable, less dense, the moment that our perception of the real is modified by another way of seeing.”