Carlo A. Mazzocchi


Carlo Alessandro Mazzocchi was born in Buenos Aires in 1957. He comes from an Italian family

with a long tradition in the fields of painting, scenery, sculpture and restoration.

His first masters in artistic and decorative painting were his own father and the prestigious artist

Ugo Gnocchi. In 1976 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

In 1980 he moved to Europe, continuing his training with courses in silk screen printing,

restoration, trompe l’oeil and decorative painting, in Italy and Spain.

He has lived in Italy, Germany, Greece and Spain, where he presented several individual

exhibitions and he has participated in numerous group exhibitions and competitions.

He has taught art and painting in Germany and Spain and contributed to the cultural sections

of various publications. Currently, Carlo lives and works in Argentina. He exhibited in Encounters in 2011.