Garcia Garcia


For Encounters 2017, Garcia-Garcia developed new work to illustrate architectural universes, a tribute to Venezuelan kinetic art, full of lights and tropical colours. His pieces are composed of several layers of architectural plans, which are juxtaposed, colouring and dialoguing between them, through new lines. All this forming a kind of “palimpsestos” of traces of an ever-evolving civilization.

Garcia-Garcia has always frequented two nearby universes, such as art and architecture. In one of these universes, it is created emotionally regardless of use; in the other is the function, which predominates. Thus, as the dichotomy between gesture or function, rational or irrational, human or animal shape his works.

From the point of view of the arts, Garcia-Garcia was born into a family of several generations of artists. He has studied in many workshops in the Fine Arts, including at the University Paris.

From the point of view of Architecture, he graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, did complementary studies in Gardening and Botany, including the Breuil School of Horticulture in Paris. At the same time developing an extensive portfolio of creative work.